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Rees, Menges & Kollegen Rechtsanwälte GbR

The law firm of Rees, Menges & Kollegen is a joint law practice offering consulting, advising and forensic services with a strong commitment to the region. Six attorneys currently practice at the firm, each specialized in specific fields of law.

The attorneys at the firm are admitted to practice law in Germany at all district, regional and appellate courts, the German Federal Court of Justice (in criminal matters), and at all labour, social and administrative, and finance courts; some of the attorneys have already been successfully working together since 1987.

Areas of Law

The following list shows the fields of law that our firm specializes in.

In order to ensure the very best possible advice and representation for our clients, our range of services does not include certain fields in which legal problems can arise, but which may require a high degree of specialisation, such as matters concerning stock corporation law, alien and immigration law, and public planning law and regulations.

If issues or questions arise during the course of the consultation that require external expert knowledge, we will advise you of this and provide recommendations on how your problem can be resolved.

In addition, the list below also provides the names of the specialised attorneys who are the primary contact persons for the respective field.

Please note that this list is certainly not exhaustive.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of the attorneys in our firm if you have any general legal questions.

  • Medical Malpractice Law – Attorney: Ms. Wehrmann
  • Labour Law – Attorney: Mr. Rees
  • Laws on Taxes, Fees and Charges – Attorney: Mr. Rücker
  • General Private and Civil Law – Attorneys: Mr. Menges, Ms. Wehrmann, Mr. Rücker
  • Attorney Liability – Attorney: Mr. Menges
  • Architectural Law – Attorney: Ms. Wehrmann
  • Bank Law and Capital Market Law – Attorney: Mr. Menges
  • Building Law (private and public building law) – Attorney: Ms. Wehrmann
  • Civil Service Law – Attorneys: Mr. Rücker, Mr. Dr. jur. Stauf
  • Criminal Law Concerning Controlled Substances/Narcotics – Attorneys: Mr. Menges, Mr. Rücker
  • Guardianship and Conservatorship Law – Attorney: Ms. Siems-Schütze
  • eBay Law – Attorney: Mr. Rücker
  • Marital Law – Attorney: Ms. Siems-Schütze
  • Inheritance Law – Attorney: Mr. Menges
  • Family Law – Attorney: Ms. Siems-Schütze
  • Claim and Debt Collection – Attorneys: Mr. Rees, Mr. Menges, Ms. Wehrmann, Mr. Rücker
  • Utility Model and Registered Design Law and Rights – Attorney: Mr. Menges
  • Industrial Property Rights – Attorney: Mr. Menges
  • Property Law and Real Estate Law – Attorneys: Mr. Menges, Ms. Wehrmann
  • Trade and Commercial Law / Corporate Law – Attorneys: Mr. Menges, Mr. Rücker
  • Law of Agency – Attorney: Mr. Rees
  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law – Attorneys: Mr. Rücker, Mr. Menges
  • International Law – Attorney: Mr. Menges
  • IT Law – Attorney: Mr. Rücker
  • Juvenile Crime Law – Attorneys: Mr. Menges, Mr. Rücker
  • Sales Law – Attorneys: Ms. Wehrmann, Mr. Menges, Mr. Rücker
  • Leasing Law – Attorneys: Ms. Wehrmann, Mr. Rees
  • Real Estate Broker Law – Attorney: Ms. Wehrmann
  • Trademark Law – Attorney: Mr. Menges
  • Mediation – Attorney: Mr. Menges
  • Medical Law – Attorney: Ms. Wehrmann
  • Rental, Tenancy and Residential Property Law – Attorney: Ms. Wehrmann
  • Neighbour Law – Attorneys: Mr. Rücker, Mr. Menges
  • Victim Advocacy – Attorneys: Mr. Menges, Mr. Rücker
  • Misdemeanour Law – Attorneys: Mr. Rees, Mr. Menges, Mr. Rücker
  • Care Law and Senior Citizens Law and Rights – Attorney: Ms. Siems-Schütze
  • Travel Law / Passenger Rights – Attorney: Mr. Rücker
  • Pension Insurance Law and Rights – Attorney: Mr. Rees
  • Compensation for Damages / Compensation for Pain and Suffering – Attorneys: Mr. Rees, Mr. Menges, Mr. Rücker
  • Arbitration and Mediation – Attorney: Mr. Menges
  • Disability Law and Rights – Attorney: Ms. Siems-Schütze
  • Senior Citizens Law – Attorney: Ms. Siems-Schütze
  • Social Law – Attorneys: Ms. Siems-Schütze, Mr. Rees, Mr. Dr. jur. Stauf
  • Fiscal and Tax Law – Attorney: Mr. Menges
  • Criminal Tax Law – Attorney: Mr. Menges
  • Criminal Law – Attorneys: Mr. Menges, Mr. Rücker
  • Collective Bargaining Law – Attorney: Mr. Rees
  • Child Support and Maintenance/Alimony Law – Attorney: Ms. Siems-Schütze
  • Corporate and Company Law / Corporate Succession – Attorney: Mr. Menges
  • Copyright Law and Media Law – Attorney: Mr. Menges
  • Paternity Law and Rights – Attorney: Ms. Siems-Schütze
  • Public Procurement Law – Attorney: Ms. Wehrmann
  • Traffic Law – Attorneys: Mr. Menges, Mr. Rees, Mr. Rücker
  • Insurance Law – Attorney: Mr. Menges
  • Service Contract Law – Attorneys: Ms. Wehrmann, Mr. Rücker
  • Competition Law – Attorneys: Mr. Menges, Mr. Rücker
  • Business and Economic Law – Attorney: Mr. Menges
  • Criminal Business Law – Attorney: Mr. Menges
  • Debt Enforcement and Debt Recovery Law – Attorneys: Mr. Menges, Mr. Rücker


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Rees, Menges & Kollegen Rechtsanwälte GbR
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